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What To Watch For If You Suspect A Traumatic Brain Injury In A Loved One

By Jim Lewis, Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney

What Happened:

Anyone who reads a newspaper regularly has likely noticed the increased attention given to traumatic brain injuries and the life-long harm they can cause. The focus on TBI has helped the public understand that blows to the head are not to be taken lightly and should instead be monitored vigilantly. While this change alone is good, most people are still unaware of some of the signs to look for. If you know the signs then you may be able to help identify trouble in your spouse before he or she is able to detect a problem, early detection being critical to minimize life-long complications.

If a loved one has suffered a head injury then some of the most common physical symptoms of traumatic brain injury include the following: balance trouble, fatigue, headache, sensitivity to light, nausea, sleep trouble and sometimes ringing in the ears.

Beyond these physical indications, there are cognitive issues that can signal potential TBI trouble. For instance, if your or someone you know has trouble finding words, begins suffering from lapses in memory, has trouble concentrating, generally sluggish thinking or shows unusual signs of disinhibition, then a trip to the doctor may be in order.

Traumatic brain injuries can also result in emotional changes, including anxiety, depression, mood swings and unusual irritability. These changes can cause serious issues in relationships because the person suffering the brain injury may not be aware of how their behavior has changed while the other party is confused or frustrated by what appears to be a dramatic personality shift.

Experts say it’s crucial in the event of a traumatic brain injury to work with a skilled physician immediately to begin rehabilitation which will lead to a speedier recovery. While the rehab is ongoing both parties need to educate themselves and try and remain patient despite the frustration that such brain injuries can cause.

The Virginia Injury Attorney’s Perspective:

Given the terrible, life-altering risks associated with traumatic brain injury it is important that those suffering from a head injury receive immediate medical attention and continue to follow-up with therapy as needed. If you or a loved one have suffered this type of injury, it is important to speak to a knowledgeable Virginia traumatic brain injury attorney to determine if you should file a lawsuit for financial compensation.

Potentially Helpful Legal Information: 

Though everyone knows that professional athletes are at a heightened risk for suffering traumatic brain injuries, especially concussions, the fact is even ordinary people suffer serious head trauma in certain cases. Car crashes are one common situation where average people are at risk for a TBI. If you’ve suffered such an injury and have questions about how to move forward, it’s important to reach out to an experienced Virginia traumatic brain injury attorney who has experience handling such cases. My firm has successfully settled numerous cases for people who have suffered a debilitating brain injury.

In one case, my firm was able to secure a $21 million settlement for the family of a boy who suffered a severe brain injury after his family’s car was rear-ended by a tractor-trailer while stopped at a red light. Though the money does not come close to healing the pain suffered by the family, it will allow them to get back on their feet and out from under their enormous medical bills.

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If you, or someone you love, have suffered a traumatic brain injury and are worried about what to do next, check out my firm’s FAQs regarding brain injuries where our attorneys answer important questions about brain injury related claims for compensation.

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