Saturday, 24 of June of 2017

Virginia Legislators Take Steps To Protect Student Athletes

By Randy Appleton, VA Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney

What Happened:

Given the recent national attention surrounding the dangers of concussions, especially those in young athletes, it’s good to hear that elected officials and school administrators in Virginia are taking action. Numbers from the CDC back up the claim that serious concussions are occurring more often than in the past. The data shows that sports-related traumatic brain injuries have increased by 62% in just over a decade among those athletes under 19.

Such a huge increase helps explain recent action taken by politicians. For instance, Virginia law now says that both parents and student athletes must participate in concussion education in public schools throughout the state. Legislators have proposed another bill that is currently before the General Assembly which would require youth sports leagues to implement polices that train parents and young athletes to identify symptoms of concussions.

Parents are being told to look out for less obvious signs such as headaches, dizziness and sensitivity to light. More serious symptoms like sleepiness or memory loss can follow down the road. Parents are also being told that concussions can take many different forms and often manifest themselves differently in each person. One common misconception is that all athletes are knocked out by a concussion. That’s flatly untrue and the fact is that most athletes that sustain concussions never go unconscious.

One of the most important tips that Virginia public schools are trying to impress upon student athletes and parents alike is that once a child sustains a knock on the head they should immediately leave the game, not try to dust themselves off and get back in. Research shows that college-aged athletes take between five and 10 days to fully recover from minor concussions. Younger athletes take even longer, potentially up to 30 days.

The Virginia Injury Lawyer’s Perspective:

Given the terrible, life-altering risks associated with traumatic brain injury, it is important that those suffering from a head injury receive immediate medical attention and continue to follow-up with therapy as needed. Children especially should be taken to see their primary care physician and not allowed to return to their athletics until they’ve been given the go ahead by a doctor.

If you or a loved one have suffered this type of injury, it is important to speak to a knowledgeable Virginia traumatic brain injury attorney to determine if you should file a lawsuit for financial compensation.

Helpful Info:

If you have a child that’s suffered a traumatic brain injury, whether on the field or as a result of a car accident, it’s critical that you speak with an experienced Virginia injury attorney. Our firm has successfully handled several cases involving children and traumatic brain injuries, securing sizable settlements that help families get on their feet again following a devastating brain injury.

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Got Questions?

If your child has suffered a traumatic brain injury you likely are worried and full of a million questions. You might be wondering about possible long-term damage from TBI, the impact of a diagnosis on your case and what things you need to prove to successfully prosecute a head injury case.

For those answers and many more, check out our firm’s FAQs regarding brain injuries where our attorneys answer important questions about brain injury related claims for compensation.


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