Saturday, 24 of June of 2017

Two NHL Players Miss Games Due To Suspected Concussions

By Mark Favaloro, Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney

What Happened:

It’s been announced that a professional hockey player will be kept from game play after a serious hit left him with a concussion. The player, Evgeni Malkin, plays for the Pittsburg Penguins and was injured last week in an especially rough game. At one point Malkin was slammed back first into the wall surrounding the hockey rink.

The collision happened so hard that his head snapped back in a very disturbing position. The team announced that the hit was serious enough that he suffered immediate short-term memory loss. He was then taken to see team doctors who diagnosed him with a concussion and have placed him on an injured reserve status. Doctors say they think he is slowly improving and hope to have back playing soon.

In another bit of troubling news out of the National Hockey League, many are speculating that a concussion is to blame for the recent disappearance of New York Ranger’s star player Rick Nash. Nash has not been at practice or anywhere in eight days. Many are speculating that the absence is due to a serious concussion and could have long-term implications.

It’s especially troubling in Nash’s case given that he is thought to have been injured after a rough hit in the middle of February but was then allowed to play another game before his recent disappearance. Fans and those in the medical community say this kind of carelessness should not be allowed given that it poses serious risks to the health of players. If there’s even a chance that a brain has not healed, players should not be allowed to get back in a game.

The Virginia Injury Attorney’s Perspective:

Though the urge to keep playing despite injuries is an understandable one, it’s critical that athletes who have suffered a head injury be immediately removed from a game and be given the time to heal. Doctors need to check out any injured player and be positive that the brain has recovered before they are subjected to more hard hits. Second injuries can cause lasting trouble, potentially debilitating an athlete for life. No goal is worth that kind of risk.

If you or a loved one have suffered this type of injury, it is important to speak to a knowledgeable Virginia traumatic brain injury attorney to determine if you should file a lawsuit for financial compensation.

Helpful Info:

Though professional athletes are at special risk for suffering traumatic brain injuries, the fact is even ordinary people suffer serious head trauma in certain circumstances. Car crashes are one common case where average people are at risk for a TBI. If you’ve suffered such an injury and have questions about how to move forward, it’s important to reach out to an experienced Virginia traumatic brain injury attorney who has experience handling such cases. My firm has successfully settled numerous cases for people who have suffered a debilitating brain injury.

In one case, my firm was able to secure a $21 million settlement for the family of a boy who suffered a severe brain injury after his family’s car was rear-ended by a tractor-trailer while stopped at a red light. Though the money does not come close to healing the deep wounds suffered by the family, it will allow them to pay their enormous medical bills and begin to put their lives back together.

Got Questions?

If you, or someone you love, have suffered a traumatic brain injury you likely are worried and full of a million questions. You might be wondering about possible long-term damage from TBI, the impact of a diagnosis on your case and what things you need to prove to successfully prosecute a head injury case.

For those answers and many more, check out my firm’s FAQs regarding brain injuries where our attorneys answer important questions about brain injury related claims for compensation.


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